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In Russia, ULI is an exclusive product:

  • Until today, it has not been introduced to the Russian market.
  • The product is presented for wealthy customers and their families.
  • For your unique offer, you can contact the numbers indicated in the contacts.

Over the world ULI  occupies a leading position in the field of life insurance.

We provide:

  • reliable protection of the client and its beneficiaries throughout the life of the client from the moment of conclusion of the contract,
  • guaranteed yield in foreign currency
  • transparency of conditions for the client
  • full confidentiality of investments
  • safe and comfortable jurisdiction
  • targeted inheritance of capital without additional taxes and delays in the death of the insured person.

Universal life insurance - a tool to increase capital:

We are talking about life insurance with very large limits from exceptionally reliable providers. But there are no such products in local markets.

Universal life insurance allows you to solve various strategic problems facing the owners of capital in Russia and the CIS. Therefore, it is interesting and relevant.

Good motivation to attract a business.

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